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Snow and Ice Solvent (Anti-Ice & De-Ice)

The negative effects of the heavy winters in our country is cleary visible. Millions of dollars from the budget of your institution are paid in order to fight with the snow and ice every year, however, the result of these efforts turn out to Kar ve Buz Çözücü SnowRaider Solüsyonbe damaged roads and worn-out vehicles. In addition to the financial loss due to the working process of the construction equipments, the damage on the asphalt roads that cost thousands of dollars for one kilometer only is another negativity.

The classical methods have been used so far for ice prevention and resolution activities, but the damage of these methods have always been ignored. These conventional methods are active processes. The process of removing the ice from the roads works with the principle of increasing the friction on the road to ensure safety. Generally, abrasive materials are applied.
These are rock salt, sand, gravel, calcium chloride and urea. The accident rate is high in the classical methods. Labor costs can reach high values. Besides, the amount of materials used increase at the same rate, and it causes serious damage to the substructure and the environment with its higly corrosive effect. Conventional methods cannot be active at very low temperatures. Sine they are deactivated, the intervention can only be done after the storm or snowfall. It causes time loss because of the inadequacy in practice.

Snow - Ice Remover Solution

The solution is a mixture which prevents snow and ice on highways and other external surfaces. In addition to the fact that the corrosive effect of the solution is very low, it does not have any toxic effects for the environment. Besides, it can get active against ice formation in very low temperatures. SnowRaider Kullanılmadan Yapılan Yöntemler

The application of this solution is much easier than the classical method of speading salt. Because the product is liquid, a homogeneous application is achieved when it is sprayed on the external surface. Basically, it contains magnesium chloride (MgCI2), a small amount of sodium chloride (NaCi) and magnesium sulphate (MgSO4), and it contains molasses which increases viscosity. The pH value is adjusted to levels of 6 - 6.5 to eliminate its corrosive effects.

Chloride salts applied in conventional methods lose their ability to remove the ice below -8 °C. Furthermore, these kind of salts have serious harmful effects on environment. Because of the corrosive effects of these salts on the road, this method causes high maintenance costs as well. But, the solution can be active up to -50 °C since it has high ion concentrations. The molasses in the mixture is a completely natural substance and it does not have any harmful effects to the environment.

Classical Methods

• Conventional methods are active processes too.SnowRaider Farkı - Karla Mücadele
• Common salts
• Sand, Gravel
• Calcium chloride
• Urea
• Rock salt and abrasive materials are used.
• The process of removing the ice from the roads works with the principle of increasing the friction on the road to ensure safety.

As a result of the advancements in technology, the fight with snow and ice is done by liquid chemicals that do not cause corrosion or damage on the roads, instead of salt and construction equipments. These chemicals are prepared by using the magnesium chloride as an additive. Our nature-friendly and non-toxic chemicals are biodegradable. Their corrosivity are minimised.

Our Anti-Ice Product

• It is chemical liquid that prevents the formation of ice on the road and snow sticking to the surface of the road.
• It provides the best results if applied before the snowfall and formation of ice, but it can also be applied after the formation of ice.
• It prevents the formation of ice by acting as an anti freezer.
• By means of the layer of film it creates, it makes the snow melt and prevents it from sticking to the road.
• It retains the moisture, and it remains at the surface even in heavy traffic.
• It is environment-friendly and has a fertilizer effect on plants.
• It is effective for a long time. It can be applied very fast, and saves manpower and time.
• It does not damage asphalt, concrete, or metal surfaces since it is not corrosive.
• It gives very good results at low temperatures too. (The freezing point can be adjusted between -30 °C and -70 °C if wanted)

The Advantages of Our Anti-Ice and De-Ice Product

According to the USA statistics, with these types of applications;
• 85% of the accidents,
• 68% of manpower,
• 83% of the usage of materials have been decreased.

We guarantee an effective and low cost solution to all these problems with the chemical that we produce and distribute, Snow Raider Anti-Ice and De-Ice. Snow Raider Anti-Ice and De-Ice is a chemical liquid that prevents the formation of ice and the snow sticking to the surface of the road. It prevents, delays, and solves the ice formation on the surface. It is physically liquid. It is dark Brown and the pH level is between 6 and 6,5. If applied before the snowfall and storm, it acts as an anti freezer and prevents the formation of ice, and it prevents the snow from sticking to the road with the layer of film it creates. It retains the moisture, and it remains at the surface even in heavy traffic. It is environmentally friendly. It lasts long, and it can be applied very quickly.It saves much of your time and manpower. It does not damage asphalt, concrete, or metal surfaces since it is not corrosive. It gives very good results at very low temperatures too. The freezing point can be adjusted below -30 °C and up to the desired degree.

Its Features

• It is a water-based, saturated, stable mineral mixture.
• It is ecological and environmentally friendly.
• The freezing point is -50 °C.
• It does not contain glycol and derivatives, its active ingredients are not volatile.
• It is not flammable.
• It is not harmful to human, animal, or plant health.
• It is antibacterial.SnowRaider Kullanım Alanları - Havaalanları

Its Uses

• Melting the ice and snow without damaging the roads, vehicles, asphalt, and the bridges.
• Alowing the pedestrians to walk safely on the sidewalks.
• On the roads, highways, airports, gas stations, apartment entrances, stadiums, etc.
• Preventing the loss caused by the water in the fire extinguisher tanks freezes in winter conditions
• As an anti freezer in the water to wash the front windows of the cars
• It prevents the light reflection in the windshield of a car, ensures better visibility and safer driving in rainy weather conditions.
• To prevent the accumulation of snow on the roofs.

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